THE Salcombe & Kingsbridge Estuary ASSOCIATION
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SKEA Constitution

Reason for SKEA

Many of the activites which have their origin in and owe their continuance to the nature of the Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary have established organisations devoted to the furtherance of their particular interest. Other organisations are aimed at preserving the amenities. In most cases, membership is open to the resident and general public, but the field of interest and the point of view of each organisation is necessarily restricted to some degree and none is intended or designed to represent Estuary users and others collectively.

The Association was founded to satisfy the need for an organisation to co-ordinate the view of all the various interested parties on matters of mutual concern and express them to the authorities which are in final control of the Estuary and its environs, thus consolidating the powerful influence of which the users working together are capable.

The Association welcomes to its meetings a representative of the Harbour Authority, currently the South Hams District Council.

Objectives of SKEA

1. To preserve the essential character of the Estuary
2. To encourage the early and effective public participation in any decisions which affect the Estuary, its environs and the interests of the resident community
3. To develop through consultation with other Associations and individuals agreed policies on which it is considered planning should be based, as to both type and optimum level of activities and to represent them to the appropriate authorities
4. To prepare specific proposals for improving facilities where necessary and compatible with (1.) above
5. Generally to serve the interests of the users of the Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary


Membership is open to both individuals and organisations. Subscriptions are currently 3 per annum.


There is an annual AGM, and meetings are also held during the week preceding the Harbour Board Meetings at which the HB Agenda is reviewed.


Issues which have been of particularly interests to members in the past and which have resulted in strong representations being made, include:-

        The original 1987 proposals for the development of the Kingsbridge Barrage (dam and lock gates etc.).

        Representations to the Nature Conservancy Council concerning a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

        The development of the Normandy Pontoon landings.

        The planned development of a block of six modern flats on the waters edge between Rockside and the Marine Hotel Salcombe.

        The development of the Coal Yard, Embankment, Kingsbridge into a large block of flats

        The publication of the Estuary Management Plan.

        Representations to the South West Water Authority on improvements to bathing water quality within the estuary.

        The allocation of an area in the estuary, for a trial period designated for water skiing.

        Input to the South Hams and Devon County Development Plans.

        Representation and input to the Salcombe and Kingsbridge Conservation Forum.

        The creation of the Salcombe Castle Preservation Association, which is actively involved in the extensive repair work to the Castle.

        The ongoing involvement of the Harbour 5-year operating plan.

        Charges for the use of boats in the Harbour.

        A proposal to introduce new Local Nature Reserve Byelaws that would have outlawed many of the traditional activities on the estuary which have been enjoyed by many generations.


Recently the Ports Division of the Department of Transport published a guide of good practice, which applies to all UK ports. They have also completed a review of Trust Ports. Currently there is a review in progress of Local Authority Ports, which includes Salcombe. There may well be issues arising from this review that are of interest to Estuary user groups.


Membership of the SKEA is open to all persons and organisations concerned in the use and or the conservation of the estuary and its environs There are normally four meetings each year, and these are held in the Salcombe Yacht Club, on an evening during the week preceding the Harbour Committee meetings. The agenda normally includes a review of the minutes of the last Harbour Committee, and the agenda items for the next meeting.